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Landscape Management

Our clients include:
Residential, Commercial & Industrial complexes, residential developments & new construction, medical facilities, banks, senior living centers, homeowners associations (HOA), offices complexes, & retail centers. 

Design & Installation

Have you ever had trouble trying to figure out how to make your property come to life and a place where you can spend hours, just enjoying, day or night? Sometimes, this can be daunting, or even frustrating.  This is where Mint can help. Our designers and our highly skilled team, will create a well-thought-out, precisely executed, great outdoor living area. Whether you want a section of your yard transformed, or a plan for the entire property, our designers will guide you through the entire process, with seamless installation once the design has been finished. You will be amazed at what your landscape can be come.

Planning & Budgeting,  Scheduled Services, Softscape
  - Mulches
  - Native plants
  - Flowers
  - Trees
  - Shrubs
  - Grass

Hardscape Elements
  - Retaining Walls
  - Patios
  - Walkways
  - Fireplaces
  - Fountains

Turf Installation

Picture this…on a warm, summer day, say 78 degrees out, with a soft breeze brushing against the grass blades, you’re strolling across your lush, soft, brilliant green lawn, barefoot. The blades of grass softly squishing beneath your toes, all while you are in your own backyard. Have you ever had this dream? Well, we are here to tell you, your dream can become a reality. If your wondering if it’s time to remove your existing, sad lawn, and install a new one, let us know. We can help. Mint uses only the best quality of sod and seed around, from our local turf farm along with proper soil amendments, to create a lawn that will last. 

turf sod installation

Pavers & Stonework

Are you looking to upgrade your walkway or create a larger living area in the back yard. Maybe you’re looking to extend a parking area. Whatever the case may be, hardscapes are a great choice to add function and character to any property. Hardscape materials come in a variety of materials, including natural stone, brick, or pavers. There are endless choices, but don’t worry. We can guide you through the process and ensure you get the best product that matches your property and your vision

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are so much more than, well, just walls. They can define your garden beds, manage slopes, or even create extra seating around a patio.  While retaining walls are very practical and at times, necessary, they add value and aesthetic appeal to any type of property, commercial or residential homes. When properly constructed, you will get to enjoy your walls for years and years to come. Mint has the training and experience to help you with your project


There are many reasons to put up a fence on your property. Privacy, security, keeping deer and other animals out of certain areas. No matter your reason for needing a fence, Mint can help

New Cedar Wood Fencing

Landscape Lighting

Enjoyment of your landscape does not need to end once the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting has a variety of uses from safety to aesthetics to practical benefits such as highlighting difficult to see walkways and steps. Strategic use of lighting can transform your yard into a stunning nighttime display. The additional of landscape lighting will further add to the ambiance of your property or building, as well as add another layer of safety

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Sprinkler Systems

Water efficiency in your landscape, should be one of your top priorities. Not only does the practice help you achieve sustainability while maintaining a thriving landscape, but it also saves you money. Smart irrigation controllers, high-efficient irrigation heads, and low volume drip irrigation, are all areas you should look for when getting a new irrigation system installed. Mint installed the most basic systems to the most customizable systems, with the smart irrigation. Whether your property is a place of business, home owner’s association or residential lawn, we can install a system that will ensure your landscape is watered properly, with the correct water coverage

Water Features

Our designers can take your visions or existing plans and turn your dream into a reality. We can craft almost anything you can think of, and our water features are both beautiful and solidly built, made with many custom and high-quality materials designed to last a lifetime.

Our Mission

Mint Landscapes, a family owned and operated company, is a professional lawn care and landscaping company in the Olympia, Lacey, Dupont area. Our mission is to provide excellent customer service, professional and honest communication, and to bring a superior service where our quality speaks for itself.

We'll keep your yard clean and green.

"Imagine having the beautiful yard that you've always dreamed of. . .
We can make that dream come true."

-Josh McCarty, Owner

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