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"Josh at Mint is very responsive and friendly. As the manager for several HOAs in the Lacey/Olympia/Tumwater area, I can say that his approach is second to none. I've never had to wait more than a day or two for a response, and he is always willing to do everything possible (even going outside the scope of the contract) to provide the best service. Highly recommend!"

 - Shaun A.

Aeration, dethatching and over-seeding

We offer aeration, dethatching, and overseeding services to keep your lawns and common areas looking as fresh and green as can be, all year round. We also offer soil ammendment and lawn fertilizer services in the great Thurston County areas.

Aerating Aerating is one of the best ways to care for your lawn. Whether it be in the spring or fall, you can’t go wrong. It helps to relieve compacted soil, removes thatch and allows water and air to get down to the soil. Aeration is an essential part of a well-designed turf management program

Overseeding Overseeding is an important part of growing a healthy, thick lawns. Overseeding revives damaged areas of grass caused by lack of water, traffic, and heat. Overseeding is a great way to turn around lawns that have rough or missing patches.

Dethatching Over time, your lawn will naturally build up an foundational underlayer called "Thatch". Once this layer reaches around 1" thick, your lawn might start to starve for oxygen and choke from lack of water. We can come in an dethatch your lawn so that it can begin to breathe and get the water that it needs to thrive.

Lawn Renovation

Does your lawn look tired and worn out? It may seem that you need a whole new lawn installed, but many times, we can repair your lawn for a fraction of the cost, of installing new lawn. There are many factors that we will look, but don’t worry, we can determine that once we meet with you and see if your lawn is a good candidate for our 7 step program 

Lawn Maintenance

Your yard, its where memories are made. A place for your children or grandchildren to play, pets to explore, and where friends and families gather. Many of us desire a lush, green, healthy lawn that invites us to come running across bare-footed. But not many of have the time, nor the knowledge that is needed to keep a lawn healthy and looking groomed

Bark, Mulch, & Soil

As we all know, fresh mulch in our flower beds can drastically change the look and feel of your property. Mulch gives your landscape a finished appearance. But where you aware of the other benefits? Retaining soil moisture, suppressing weeds and acting as an insulator are just some of the many natural benefits of mulch. Give us a call to get on our schedule so we can get your landscape looking its best.  

Irrigation: Maintenance & Installation

Water efficiency in your landscape, should be one of your top priorities. Not only does the practice help you achieve sustainability while maintaining a thriving landscape, but it also saves you money. Smart irrigation controllers, high-efficient irrigation heads, and low volume drip irrigation, are all areas you should look for when getting a new irrigation system installed.

Mint Landscapes installs everything from basic systems to the most advanced, customizable systems with smart irrigation tech. Whether your property is a place of business, home owner’s association or residential lawn, we can install a system that will ensure your landscape is watered properly, with the correct water coverage.

Our Mission

Mint Landscapes, a family owned and operated company, is a professional lawn care and landscaping company in the Olympia, Lacey, Dupont area. Our mission is to provide excellent customer service, professional and honest communication, and to bring a superior service where our quality speaks for itself.

We'll keep your yard clean and green.

"Imagine having the beautiful yard that you've always dreamed of. . .
We can make that dream come true."

-Josh McCarty, Owner

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